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Halloween Hallway Costume Stores

The best Halloween costume store in Chicago!

  • So pumpkins aren't from Chicago?

    Aside from Antarctica, Did you know that you can grow a pumpkin on almost any continent in the world?   I think it is safe to say that all of our ancestors probably enjoyed a scrumptious pumpkin pie in their day.  People across the globe enjoy carving, eating and launching the well known largest fruit in the world.

    To break it down to number s that both you and I understand…..Just in the state of Illinois, which is covered by approximately 26.8 million acres of farmland, the USDA reports 250,000 tons/year of pumpkins produced on an average.  WOW, I wonder how many are consumed in the Chicagoland area?

    Can you just imagine the amount of pumpkins that are carved in Chicago?

    With Chicago being Halloween Hallways home town for providing the most spectacular costumes. We also want to make sure that our customers are supplied with the best Halloween pumpkin carving kits. Make sure you stop by our South loop Halloween Store to pick one up.

    For a pumpkin carving contest you should check out the Halloween Hallway sponsored event at Timothy O’Toole’s Pub located in the South Loop. Just remember, if you are tired of driving around in circles, just pop in to our South Loop Halloween Shop located at: 1006 S. Michigan Ave.  Chicago, Il 60605. This is a one stop shop!! Our South Loop associates will be delighted to assist you in any way we can.

  • Win Free Concert Tickets!

    Do you love live music?  Chicago has a great music scene.  Tickets can be expensive though.

    Halloween Hallway is proud to announce a new contest.  We are giving away free tickets to Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson.  Post to our Facebook page and tell us why we should give them to you.

    Twins Of Evil Tour Chicago

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